A Break From Colours

8 Jul

Don’t be afraid of colour especially in a north facing room – it will give warmth to the room and will bring your personality to life. Bright on bright is not easy to live with, but bright combined with dark earthy colours makes for a striking combination.

Introducing the odd piece of furniture that may well have been destined for the tip will add a touch of traditional styling, but be sure to have the furniture upholstered in a fabric that blends with the overall décor of the room and definitely do not over clutter the room to avoid the Victorian parlour look.

No-one would actually want to sit in this style of seating and as you will want your living room to be a welcoming and comfortable haven, be sure to include some seating that you can sink into for a read or relax.

Trimmings and tassels have made a come back so for a truly decadent finish be sure to include some kind of embellishment even if it’s just on a few of the cushions and be sure to have ample amounts of fabric in the curtains, perhaps even puddling them on the floor for a truly voluptuous finish.

Innovative 20th century style mirrors and glassware are still being reproduced relatively cheaply and are readily available in any good quality home furnishing shops.

Modern Contemporary – as long as the décor is minimal, light and airy, then almost anything goes. The key is creating a calm atmosphere where unnecessary accessories are avoided and clutter is kept out of sight in cupboards; not an easy décor to maintain with a young family.


Metal curtain poles are usually the name of the game in a modern décor and there is a myriad of choice from Poles and Blinds.com

Hasta Vision 28mm Genuine Stainless Steel curtain pole set.


The sculptural shapes of the wooden finials used as the detailing for this trendy curtain pole from the Hasta range will create an interesting illusion of space particularly when the curtain pole is used in a room with little other structural interest.

If the curtain pole is used with a neutral heavily textured curtain fabric, the tonal effect of the wood grain in the oak colouring for light naturals and the coffee colouring for deeper tonal fabrics will make a stimulating focal point to the window treatment.   The circular cut out feature of the finial unifies the circular detailing on the wall fixing bracket, harmonizing the overall of the curtain pole.

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