Make your Office an Oasis of Joy

1 Jun

An impossibility but adding blue to the decor may well help – blue generally symbolizes harmony, peace and happiness and it has been proven that people are more productive and creative in a blue room making it a good colour choice for offices, but you are best keeping to lighter shades of blue as a darker blue can become depressing and have a negative effect – not congenial for a pleasant or productive working atmosphere.

Blinds especially Roller Blinds are especially effective for windows in offices as they give greater control over the general ambience of the room, dealing with both privacy issues and daylight and/or sunlight levels. 


This stunning Acacia blue vertical blind will ensure privacy, light and to a certain degree, temperature control. Many vertical blinds are also available as roller blinds, so should you wish to use a combination of blind types, then this option is available.

As blue is one of the three primary colours, it can mix with other colours to create a completely different colour – known as a secondary colours, good examples remembered from our school days being blue and yellow make green and blue and red make purple.  Bright blue used either for the walls or window treatments as the dominant colour will benefit from the use of a lighter hue as an accent colour.

A really dominent blue is best used in isolation for a focal wall for although blue is very adaptable, all the walls painted in deep blue will bring in the walls, making the room feel oppressive. A single deep blue wall will however have the effect of making the wall receed, expanding the dimensions of the room.

Blinds and Curtain Poles

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