Living With Red

7 May

The Living Room is where most people spend a lot of their waking leisure time so the overall theme should be restful. It has long been recognised that colour has a direct effect on our emotions, so whatever the colour you have based your decor around, whether warm or cool, try to use harmonious shades from the colour wheel as the complimentary hues.

A living room that has red as the main colour theme or even the just the window treatments will tend to be lively and active, so will need to be toned down to achieve a calm atmosphere. Red curtains will need a striking curtain pole to be equally dramatic or the pole will pale into oblivion. Brass or gold effect  Metal Curtain Poles look especially inviting with red colourings , a combination which is sure to attract attention.


The red roman blinds accentuate the powerful impact of the red settee – pure red having a tendency to advance into the room. This works successfully in this particular instance as the room has generous dimensions and the walls and flooring are from the earth tones colour spectrum which will neutralise somewhat the boldness of the decor.


The Trinity Red Roman blind will introduce an exotic note to a room as well as being highly functional. A Roman blind can be fitted inside or outside the window opening, the neat fit creating a protective, intimate note as the whole of the window area will be covered, blocking the outside world from entering your territory. The slightly textured effect of the fabric adds a touch of distinction, enabling the blind to happily fit into most styles whether the room is formal or informal. Bay windows will look particularly attractive dressed with Roman blinds which will also allow dressed curtains to be fitted either side of the window opening for extra effect.

A particularly bold window treatment can be stunning, but will only work if it balances with the rest of the decor, so before going overboard on the bright red, consider the rest of the room and whether it has other features that you may well wish to be the focal point – a room based around exotic influences will always look great accompanied with red.

window blinds and curtain poles

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